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Gas pump is an American term for the petrol pumps we see every day at petrol stations.  A vintage gas pump was made to attract attention by being ornate or even beautiful.  The pumps would have been adorned with what was called a gas pump globe that would light up with the oil company’s logo  and would typical be very bright and attractive

Here we are at a major show in  Birmingham showing off our pumps . You can see our latest model at the front which is a traditional looking pump . you can also catch a glimpse of my self and my partner . we make our pumps here in the UK and take great care to make them look as authentic as possible 

Building American style gas pumps here in the U.K , you might ask why would you ? the truth is it was on my bucket list its that simple , but making it happen was no simple task ,  when we first started to put my evil plan into action I guessed three months should have it up and running ” boy was I wrong”  three months into the project I was way past the point of no return having hand carved the the moulds and built version one of my moulding machine and  invested in some materials  we were ready to have a go , our early attempt did not go to plan , the machine was not up to the job and much material was wasted in finding that out    , so the modifications began and after another two versions of the machine we finally got it right . I took every step to make sure i was making gas pumps I could be proud of ,

ticking this off my bucket list has been a lot more work and effort than I could have dreamt , but when it come to American 1950s design  I just had to persevere and I hope you agree it all payed off

What do we do ?

what do we do.

we make realistic and high quality gas pumps to enhance your business or home

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Take a look at some close up’s of our vintage gas  pumps. There are many more colour combination’s that can be achieved.   These are not available in the shop’s and are made in ltd number’s. They can be used to boost your profile in business or home, man cave, shop, point of sale, window display. Made in the image of the  iconic 1950’s American petrol pumps they are bound to impress.



vintage petrol pumps in the UK


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Here we have a line up of gas pump colour combinations. There are many more possible colour combinations so why not send us an email to discuss your needs including custom logos and designs to enhance your business.

made in the image of the iconic 1950’s  Tokheim gas pump.    These pumps made with realism in mind and  stand around 153cm tall ( 193cm with a globe ), 68cm wide with the fuel gun and are 40cm deep.

They can be used for a wide variety purposes for instants in barbershops, Tattoo studios , 50’s diners or can be used for exhibitions, point of sale or just in the man cave or home bar, but  you get the picture.


We use top quality materials in the manufacturing  of our vintage style gas pumps including furniture grade tempered  glass.  

Our pumps are not fibreglass! We make our reproduction gas pumps entirely  from the ground up using raw materials in the form of high impact polymers supplied to us in flat form. We then mould this and reinforce it with aluminium composite panelling  into the beautiful and sturdy retro petrol / gas pump’s you see here. 

We can customise these pumps to a large degree matching your colour choice and logo or images etc.   

We are sure you’ll agree that these retro gas pumps are both realistic and beautiful so why not bring a piece of yesteryear into your life and drop us a message with you requirements    [email protected]

vintage gas pumps

Here we have a selection of our original style  pumps .  These are proving to be very popular At  they include a globe of your choice and you can also choose the colour or colours that you would like.  Lighting is also included as standard and works by a handy remote control 

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 Design is our passion here at . the 1950’s gas pump is a particular passion for us.   Much work and effort has gone into making sure our gas pump replica’s and display cases are as realistic as possible.   we pay close attention to detail and  we hope you agree it pays off.

As a marketing tool point of sale or just at home to display your collection.